Enciphering virtual disc CRYPTELO Drive at the level of safety Top Secret

    Enciphering CRYPTELO disc

  • enciphering virtual disc for the secure storage and data sharing
  • variant cloud or server
  • user-friendly environment
  • nobody besides authorized users (including administrator and creators of system) does not have access to saved data

    Absolutely private space
  • each user has in CRYPTELO his secret private space that can not see anyone else
  • even the particular existence of communication between particular users cannot be identified

  • the entire team stores the files at one place
  • one actual version of document with option to review the history of individual versions
  • the work area for cooperation in a real time

    CRYPTELO technologies
  • zero-knowledge server
  • cryptography at the client´s side
  • combination of symmetric (AES-256) and asymmetric encryption (elliptic curves) satisfying the criteria NSA for security at the Top Secret level
  • maximum safe storing and sharing of data by virtual disc
  • architecture of CRYPTELO Drive is flexible and it is possible to use it the same in cloud environment, as well as in one premise solutions on the own customer´s infrastructure
  • CRYPTELO Drive will be appreciated by professional teams with strong base of valuable information sources and also smaller independent companies using it for activities of daily economic agenda

    We do not promise safety, we guarantee it!

    The unique cryptographic design by Dr. Vlastimil Klíma

  • one of the world´s leading cryptographers
  • he led a successful attack on algorithm MD5, protocol SSL, and OpenPGP
  • his long-time experiences from the field of software security at governmental and military grade represent a guarantee of unique cryptographic background of CRYPTELO products

    Precise implementation by experienced senior SW developers
  • the most effective encryption in a web browser in the world

    Mission of CRYPTELO
  • Trustful secure communication is a basic building block of a competitive business. In current digital world, it is complicated to keep your data safe.
  • Tools available on the market are not strong enough.
  • Therefore the CRYPTELO comes. CRYPTELO believes in a fair conditions and therefore offers tools that protect your business.

    The area which is protected by CRYPTELO
  • CRYPTELO protects data during transfer between devices
  • saved files, their transfer and even activity of users are protected by encryption
  • we are preparing more products for safe and fast electronic communication

    Penetration tests
  • CRYPTELO always keeps in mind the question of security. It´s not possible to answer it once and do not get back to it again.
  • The CRYPTELO technology is still retested by security specialists and hackers to make the users sure that no unauthorized persons will be able to access their data.

    Who else than you should know the value of your data?
  • There is no place for modesty in business.
  • Thanks to your know-how and your own invention you have built a functional company. Certainly, there are people close to you who would like to be inspired. Do not allow anyone to destroy your achievements or to sponge on them!

    Whom is CRYPTELO aimed to use?
  • accounting firms can better protect the information of their clients, for example the information about optimization of VAT
  • lawyerś offices safely store all sensitive data of their clients in CRYPTELO Drive
  • security agencies nwill save on the encrypted disc sensitive data from camera systems
  • development centres zwill ensure valuable technological processes and patents
  • construction companies will use safe and simple sharing of documentation during offers preparation in a public procurement
  • companies management will appreciate the existence of its own private space which doesn´t allow access to system even for administrator
  • project managers will more easily divide the competences between individual team members thanks to structured assignment access to the files
  • and many others