• Customer Relationship Management (also CRM or customer relationship management) is a customer-oriented management, entrepreneurial approach, which is characterized by an active creation and sustaining long-term beneficial relationships with customers.
  • CRM is becoming a key concern for organizations of all sizes.
  • These relations have to be beneficial to the customer and for the company (so called The situation of two winners) which precludes unethical behavior to customers.
  • In very simple way, CRM is sometimes considered as a database, the process of collecting, processing and using of customer information the company, supported by technology,
  • Afford the opportunity to get know, understand and anticipate the needs, wants and buying habits of customers and supports two-way communication between a company and its customers.
  • Some suppliers also use these definitions of CRM:
    • systems supporting the management of the entire cycle of contact with customers,
    • systems supporting effective coordination bonds to the customer
    • systems supporting customer care
  • Nowadays, marketing experts are increasingly talking about the need to change the orientation of products to customers. After all, it is the customer who brings the money.
  • A key marketing term of the last century was "4P": product, price, place and promotion. Firms were employing sales teams who were trying to push a product on the market, whether it was the market interested in any product.
  • Each company deals with these issues:
    • Keeping existing customers
    • Understanding customers
    • The ability to listen to customers
    • Identification of key processes
    • Increasing customer satisfaction in improving key processes
    • Create a marketing strategy to maintain existing customers and acquiring new customers, the ability to reach new customers
  • The key to a successful CRM initiative is correct and consistent customer data accessible online, in real time, across the IT infrastructure. It is important to realize that CRM solution affects sales, service and marketing, and in maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Customer relationship management, it is namely a strategy that focuses on building and supporting the long-term customer relationships. Therefore, it is not only a technology but a change in philosophy of the company so that the focus is on the customer.
  • CRM is an ideal tool for the management and development company. We offer delivery of CRM precisely tailored according to your needs and requirements.

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