• Nowadays, it is still harder to search any document in its paper form. Thanks to the digitized documents, this activity is much easier, what more digitized documents do not occupy any space, they are all clearly saved on a digital repository with the possibility of direct repository entries control as well as preventing the entry of undesirable persons.
  • The user uses for searching the unique indexes, designed according to precise customer requirements by assigning of documents for scan. The individual documents are stored under this index. Each index is based on a logical methodology enabling to be immediately apparent for authorized persons while browsing.
  • We are able to export scanned documents into your ERP, CRM, DMS system or save them separately according to your needs. We can even offer the implementation of these systems – to learn more, please read the section PRODUCTS, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) alebo DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (DMS)
  • we will convert your writings into an electronic form and we can save them according to the law no. 395/2002 Z.z. on archives and registries as amended
  • in case of your requirement we guarantee the elimination of any manipulation with the original documents (ungluing, unstitching, etc...)
  • based on your previously raised requirements, our company is prepared to ensure even the camera recording of the digitization process

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