• the system LEADY will identify corporate visitors of your website, it will find out what they were interested in and it will refill verified contacts
  • it will give you new business opportunities which can be converted into the new customers
  • it will identify the needs of companies that already know you but they did not contact you so far - LEADY will enable you to know the needs of your customers sooner than your customer will directly provide you this information
  • only a small percentage of companies that visit your website will set themselves into contact with you - thanks to the system LEADY you can contact your customer first
  • it is not necessary to search for opportunities or to create them in a complicated way - thanks to LEADY they just need to be identified and satisfied
  • it is very hard to measure what brings you a new customers - LEADY is able to find the information, connect and show you the way a customer on internet to you
  • LEADY will tell you how much earned you PR article, keyword, Facebook and the other tools
  • we will provide you LEADY to test for free - thousands of companies already use LEADY. Now you can try it too. Finally, a test doesn´t cost you anything...

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