• MERK is a marketing database of companies and freelancers
  • offers verified phone numbers, emails, contact persons, addresses
  • contacts of more than 200 000 managers and traders
  • MERK even brings you the information about the turnover course of your customers, about their number of employees, trade and others
  • MERK learns you absolutely everything about each company- history, turnovers, trade links, development and much more
  • MERK will assist you to better recognize, segment and deal your customers
  • thanks to MERK you will better know your market and your position on it
  • you are able to monitor your competitors easy as well
  • online data about your customers, where you need them - at the meeting, even at the office, in mobile phone, in tablet or in your CRM...
  • we provide you MERK to test for free - thousands of companies already use MERK. Now, you can try it too. Finally, a test doesn´t cost you anything...

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