Why audit your safety?

  • Do you want to know if you are able to face the hacker attack?
  • Our penetration test will help you to detect it.
  • We will test the known vulnerabilities before it will make a real attacker.
  • The result of our ethical management hacking is a detailed report on your security vulnerabilities.
  • You can submit by simulated attack your applications, operating systems, networks, mobile applications but also the human factor.
  • Thanks to our services, clients gain a better protection of their funds, provision of personal or business sensitive data and protect their reputations.
  • After the analysis of risks is possible to quantify the value of assets which can be threatened by breach ICT security of client.
  • The actual state of information security can be verified especially by simulating a real attack the attacker.

    Do you consider that your site or system have been attacked? Do you feel that something is not right?

  • We will help you repair the damage and put everything back to a normal state.
  • Victims of attacks are often selected at random, based on surface scanning the thousands of systems. Victims of the attack could become anyone today.
  • We will give you an advice in investigation of attack origin. We will identify a way of penetration and make the arrangements for the future. f you have been attacked, please contact us immediately.

    We will provide for you:

  • analysis of attack,
  • investigation of the attack origin,
  • restore the original Web traffic / architecture,
  • patching vulnerabilities and prevention,
  • secure storage all your data.

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