• Software Statistica protects Your company against the consequences of leakage the sensitive information, and losses associated with ineffective incurred staff costs.
  • It is the only software that saves you time and money thanks to the early identification of dangerously behavior. Safetica eliminates any unintentional errors, as well as deliberate attempts to damage your company.
  • It characterized by easy implementation, thanks to which you get quickly full-bodied security solution.
  • Software Safetica is a complete solution to internal security that brings a change in risk perception. While others talks about data and data protection, we understand that the data do not escape from the company by themselves.
  • Software Safetica specializes on protection at a higher level – it focuses on eliminating the sources of threats. And for each data threat is worth the person responsible for this incident, either intentionally or by negligence.
  • Software Safetica offers a complete platform to protect your data (Data Leak Prevention, DLP), complemented by consistent tools for preventing any threats to corporate data, produced by human activities.
  • Prevent data leakage - protect your business from financial losses and reputational impact of data leakage. So you can concentrate on your actual work.
  • Eliminate the risk of migrant workers - prevent personnel from leaving the company with Your data that can sell to competition or use to start their own businesses.
  • Get an overview over the running of the company - be at all problems in advance, but without undue downloading heaps of data. Safetica filters events in convenient reports.
  • Support staff productivity - discover random but also long-term changes in their productivity. Tools for boosting productivity allows your employees to achieve better results.

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